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The Hub is my opportunity to focus on my business.

By attending the weekly sessions it has helped me plan, take action and review all the many aspects involved in running my business. It's also reassuring to know that so many other business owners are going through exactly the same processes and the sharing of ideas and information is invaluable.

I particularly value the sharing of information and support from other Hub members. I have attended three workshops so far in addition to attending the weekly meetings and have found these to be exactly the right platform for questioning and improving my current thought processes and methods of working in specific areas.

The Hub is a unique combination of networking and learning to develop your business in a friendly 'we're all in this together' way!

Teresa Brasseaux

Funtime Dance and Drama

The Farnham Hub has really helped me grow my business. Instead of working on my own it has been much more fun and ultimately good for business development. The support and advice available are really beneficial to any small business owner.

The weekly talks are very interesting and helps you to analysis your own business and understand the best way to develop and improve it. Exchanging ideas and getting advice from experts in their field, be it social media or financial planning is invaluable. There are also ad hoc training days which have been excellent.

The Farnham Hub attracts knowledgeable business owners from very diverse fields. You learn from each other in a supportive and friendly environment. And the weekly talks gives a focus to each meeting. I would highly recommend joining.

Katrine Orr

The Rainhat Collection