All our Hub Members are here to help and support you on your business journey.

Jonathan Howkins

Jonathan Howkins

Adrian Brown

Adrian Brown

Vanessa Lanham Day

Vanessa Lanham Day

Beverley Nash

Beverley Nash

Arps Patel

Arps Patel

Tanya Edwards

Paul Adams

Paul Adams

Daniel Adler

ING IT Services

Daniel is the owner of ING IT Services and manages all aspects of IT for small businesses, particularly within the professional services sector. Daniel offers constant remote monitoring services and remote access, to allow him to be pro-active with clients and respond to potential issues and threats, often before they even arise.

Mark Alcock


Mark’s passion is Japanese Taiko drumming. The combination of drama, theatre, lighting, music, and physical playing make Taiko drumming a captivating experience. Rhythmworks creates entertaining team-building events for anything from 6 to 200 people.

Jessica Bassett

Forget Me Not Films

Jess has 20 years experience as a film and documentary maker, working on productions for both the BBC and Channel 4. Her business, Forget Me Not Films brings her editing skills to a new market of parents and grand parents who have old film and video footage they’ve shot over the years in various formats, and maybe cannot access any longer, but want to create a short film to capture those very special memories.

Teresa Brasseaux

Teresa has been successfully running Funtime Dance and Drama for 6 years. Each week she provides entertaining dance classes and experiences, for 400 pupils. Her enthusiasm for dance, plus her unique business style, has created a business that continues to grow organically, through recommendation alone.

Matthew Burch

Matthew Burch

Matthew Burch Photography

Matt's photography has helped shape and communicate the Hub experience. Yet the Hub photography represents just one aspect of Matts expanding portfolio of commercial photography brands and businesses. From his studio at Frensham, Matt offers product and people photography, plus location work in business environments.

Nick Clyne

Business Fixer

Nick is a business fixer – someone you call when it’s really hit the fan. As a highly trained Six Sigma consultant, Nick specialises in business turnaround by looking deep into business process and identifying exactly what’s holding a business back, or what they need to do, to accelerate forwards.

Virginie Chasseriau

A Cup Of Learning

Virginie has a real passion for helping small businesses attract new customers through webinars and virtual training. With 15 years experience in corporate training, Virginie now uses her experience, expertise and creativity to develop engaging and memorable presentations that inspire audiences.

Olivia Cornall

Furniture Designer

Olivia Cornall is a furniture and product designer. Her elegant and unique designs have attracted huge media attention.. To put it in her own words, Liv Cornall Design creates handmade contemporary wood furniture and accessories inspired by nature, inviting the essence of the natural world into your home.

Chrissy Cuming Walters

Matrimonial Lawyer

Chrissy is a matrimonial lawyer – and definitely someone you’d want on your side should the need arise. If you need advice on any aspect of family law, whether that’s about separation, prenuptial agreements, or just moving in together, you can contact Chrissy directly, or via Keystone Law.

Sylvia Dobies

Blue Bear Bookshop

Sylvia recently moved to Farnham and now looking to establish a local independent book shop. With a background in tv studio and theatre set design and build, Sylvia will be looking to create in inspiring environment for you to discover the joy of books. But it's not just about the books, Sylvia also hopes to offer space for you to enjoy a glass of wine, or coffee and maybe join in playing some classic board games.

Tanya Edwards

Tanya lives and breathes social media. But that doesn’t mean she creates tons of posts every day, or week. Today’s social media is about being engaged, responsive, and building real connections. It’s about reaching out to people on an individual level. Tanya’s expertise is in building the connections that will really make a difference to your business.

Ben Fielding

Director, Blucando

Ben is director within IT support services business Blucando. Their business is structured around 3 core service areas: Infrastructure installation (setting up IT systems both in the home and office), Repairs (fixing your IT hardware), and Help Desk services (providing IT support services).

Teresa Hemmings

Results Fitness

Teresa is a partner is family-run Results Health Clubs. Within their network of gyms, their mission is to get more people fit, active, and to adopt a healthier lifestyle. And to achieve this they work on a one-on-one basis to create the right program to help clients achieve the results they want and need. 

Anna Hodges

Anna Londei

If you like sequins, unique design and custom clothing, then Anna’s for you! Having taken a break from business to have a family, Anna’s now concentrating on marketing her unique fashion style to a more local audience in the area.

She is the self-declared “Queen of Sequins” designing and producing small ranges of standard products as well as custom one-off designs. 

Chris Hunter

RHW Solicitors

Chris’s expertise is founded in many years working with professional services businesses, primarily in the legal world. His current role with legal firm RHW, based in Guildford, incorporates marketing, business development, and social media, where he’s brought his own personal style to writing interesting articles and content that continually engage and build their audiences, driving a continual flow of traffic and enquiries to the company web site.

Michael Jeffrey

Aquiel Business Systems

Michael’s expertise is in making life easier for business owners using software systems and automation. If your business handles large amounts of data, or uses many different tools and processes, Michael can help you streamline and automate many of your repetitive tasks, removing risk of errors, and making your business run more smoothly and efficiently. 

Kunal and Seema Kohli

Sprinkle Of Saffron

Kunal and Seema, are Sprinkle of Saffron. Their mission is to raise the awareness of contemporary Indian Food. Their food is nothing like you’ve experienced in an Indian restaurant. It’s not loaded with salt, fats, or sugar. It’s fresh, incredibly flavoursome, and well balanced, providing you with the perfect blend of carbs and protein. After all, this is the food they would normally eat at home. 

Adina Kroll

Business Coach

Adina is a business coach who works exclusively with female entrepreneurs. Here ideal clients are women in service based industries who are currently struggling to make enough money, but who want to get more clients and scale their business.

Carolyn Edmund Mack

The Running Stream 

Carolyn's background background is in corporate and financial services, project management and logistics. However her latest challenge (since retiring) is owning and managing The Running Stream pub in Weybourne. Given given her past experience, it’s probably already the best run, most efficient pub in the Country!

Hannah Mantle


As the name suggests, Hannah's business is all about helping others take action to create change. So if you feel you’re on the brink of making a change, and are determined to take action, but are unsure of the pathway ahead, the Hannah can provide you with the guidance and nurturing support to help you effect real, lasting change.

Jane Mancini

Wag Design

Jane’s focus is working with small local businesses to create brand identities that have real value, and that last. She creates truly effective and impactful brands by really listening to her clients, to understand the personality and characteristics of the business. Jane can then create powerful brand communications that really connect with their audiences. 

Ginny has a very specific focus, primarily working with 40-60 year old women who are looking for more than pictures, they are looking for an experience, or to create a specific brand image of themselves. Consequently, in addition to a stylist, her clients receive support from a confidence coach, to ensure the images Ginny creates are truly transformational. 

Sarah is co-owner of Magikats Maths and English. This is a franchise business offering out of school tutoring – a huge growth market in the UK. As a franchisor, Magikats business is about recruiting and supporting their growing number of franchisees up and down the Country.

Fran MeElwaine

Fran Mac Health Coach

From her own experience being in the corporate world and suffering from stress and weight issues, Fran has been on a journey of discovery, studying nutrition, integrated health and human physiology, exploring the connection between food and health, both physically and mentally. She works naturally with your body systems often just using food as a medicine.

Beverley Nash Pryce

Nash Marketing

Beverley works with small and medium sized businesses on marketing strategy, planning, and implementation. Her skills, experience, and expertise, enable Beverley to work effectively as a virtual Marketing Director for businesses, providing both strategic input and practical implementation, by managing and coordinating the delivery of marketing tactics through a network of specialists.

Katrine Orr

Katrine Orr

The Rainhat Collection

Katrine (aka the Rain Hat Lady) has been in business for just two years but already establishing a solid business in a real market niche, Rain Hats. But these are not just any old rain hats, these are all high quality, stylish, and British Made from a range of milliners throughout the UK.

Gillian Palmer

Glass Artist

With a background in the analytical world of business and financial administration, Gillian has recently branched out to work on her creative side. Her latest venture will be exploring her passion for glass art, both as a creator of her own individual pieces and collections, and also representing other glass artists, to develop a curated online gallery, where members of the public can purchase these very special and unique one-off gifts.

Arps Patel

Preface Studios

Arps is the managing director of Preface Studios, a web and branding agency based in Farnham Maltings. With a breadth of experience and expertise, Preface specialises in creating fully integrated campaigns across a range of marketing media. In addition to working with larger corporate and NHS clients, Arps enjoys working with ambitious startup businesses.

Darren Perry

Darren Perry


Darren is a serial entrepreneur who simply loves the challenges of building and growing businesses. Since leaving the Army in 1999 Darren has been involved in a number of businesses, including creating and recently selling a chain of tanning salons. In addition to his business interests Darren spends his leisure time racing motorbikes and stock market trading .

Matthew Pike

Change Now Therapist

Regardless of who you are, stress is not good, and it’s getting in the way of you reaching your peak performance. But the good news is that everyone can do something about it. Matt is on a mission to help as many people as possible through education and learning new techniques and skills, to not only manage situations, but to achieve lasting results.

Claire Redfern


Claire is the founder of Redstars after-school drama clubs. Started in 2017 Redstars has already established itself in many of the schools in the local area. Despite the rapid growth of the business, Claire who was a drama teacher herself, still enjoys taking many of the classes, whilst also building an enthusiastic team of teachers to allow for further expansion. Claire is passionate about the use of drama to help children deal with issues of anxiety, depression and broader mental health and promote positive wellbeing.

Hamish Robertson

Action Coach

In addition teaching and playing the bagpipes, Hamish’s passion is for helping small to medium sized businesses. His focus is on supporting business owners who really want to grow. And with the full range of proven tools, processes templates within the Action Coach toolbox at his disposal, Hamish can provide you with all the guidance and support you need to get the results you want. 

Fiona & John Ryland

Ryland Research develops systems and plants for manufacturing oil and grease… and robots. Oh and a Hover-wing ground effect vehicle (Check out the videos on their website). Without doubt, they are the official Hub boffins!

Abi Shepherd

Virtual Assistant

Abi is a VA, or Virtual Assistant. This is something most small business owners could benefit from having. Virtual Assistants can provide a range of business support services including diary management, invoicing and debt collection, social media scheduling, document management, event management, expense tracking, website updates etc, the list is almost endless!

Dominic, along with his brother Joss, are Terrafiniti; a specialist sustainability consultancy. Through the creation and implementation of sustainability strategies Terrafiniti can help both SME’s and larger businesses reduce their environmental impact, increase their competitive advantage, and stay relevant to their market.

Steve’s expertise is in writing effective copy that is clearly aligned to both business and marketing objectives.

If you’re looking for a great writer who’s creative and well organised, who’s conscientious, responsive, big on customer service and can not only give you great words, but strategic input too, then he’s your man.

Ollie True

The True Method

Ollie is the creator of True Method coaching. This incorporates elements of meditation, Reiki, and NLP, to help business owners escape the hamster wheel of running a business that’s not creating the lifestyle they want. His approach and Method helps entrepreneurs redesign and reshape their businesses around greater personal reward, allowing them to remove their limiting beliefs, and experience the many benefits of fulfilling their true potential.

Liz Wenman

Rally Round

Rally Round creates and runs international classic car rallies in rather special places, including tours over the Himalaya’s and through the remotest parts of Tibet. Each rally is fully supported with teams of mechanics and medics which must be very comforting given that rally participants could be driving cars up to 100 years old.

April Young

Hyped Marketing

With a background in account management, April’s role within Hyped Marketing is now all about developing relationships with potential new clients. As a local marketing agency Hyped offer complete marketing solution packages including content creation, PR and social media promotion to clients both locally and regionally.

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Beverley Nash

Nash Marketing

Owning your own business can be lonely. They don't tell you that when you start. Coming to The Farnham Hub lets you meet others that are tackling the same things you are. 

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Tanya Edwards

Thoro Social Media

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Stefan Carrington

Poplar Tree Design

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